Erika Karl

I founded Moto Armata to be a way to share stories, tips, and information about motorcycle culture on the East Coast. As a female rider, I’ve noticed women are often thought of as someone’s passenger and are shunted to the back seat when it comes to the motorcycle industry. I think motorcycle manufacturers are missing the mark by ignoring women riders. I’d like to bring attention to, and discuss, a growing group of new riders that are currently being treated as an after thought. I have hope, though. More women are riding than ever before and there seems to be fewer of the stigmas that female riders faced in the past.

Although I’m coming from a female perspective, guys are also welcome here. I believe in using a common interest in motorcycle culture as a way to bridge gaps to those who have been excluded or divided. I don’t want to shut anyone out of the process, including men or those who choose to ride pillion. Moto Armata won’t judge your ride of choice, where you live, or the company you keep. All are welcome here. I’d like to learn from all of you, and share my experiences and observations, as well.